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Bagged Ice Recalled Amid Glass and Metal Contamination Fears

January 17, 2024

An urgent recall has been announced in response to the possible contamination of bagged ice produced by Frozen Options Pty Ltd.

It is feared that the company’s popular North Aussie Jumbo Ice product may have become contaminated with hazardous materials such as glass and metal. The recall is focusing on 5kg bags purchased in Western Australia, an area where the product has already been widely distributed.

Contamination Discovery

The issue was first brought to light when Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), the governing body for food safety and standards in Australia, issued a recall notice. This action was taken as a preventive measure to safeguard public health after the discovery of foreign objects, specifically glass and metal fragments, in the ice bags. The presence of such contaminants in food products poses a serious risk of injury or illness if consumed.

Affected Areas

The recalled product, commonly found in petrol stations and independent retailers across Western Australia, has now been removed from shelves in numerous locations. Affected areas include South Headland, Port Headland, Wedgefield, Karratha, Nickol, Bulgarra and Broome. The recall is significant due to the widespread availability of said ice bags in these regions, heightening the urgency of the situation.

Public Awareness and Guidance

Ice consumption peaks in the summer months, making public awareness even more critical in this instance. Thankfully, Frozen Options Pty Ltd, operating under the brand name North Aussie Ice, has responded proactively to this issue, offering clear guidance to consumers who have purchased the product. Customers have been told to avoid consuming the ice - to prevent injury or illness - and to return it to the point of purchase for a full refund. 

Concerned Customers

Individuals who have recently consumed the product and have health concerns regarding contamination are urged to seek immediate medical advice, underlining the precautionary approach in response to this issue.

Concerned customers are encouraged to contact Frozen Options Pty Ltd directly for any inquiries or further clarification regarding the recall. Furthermore, the FSANZ website is an additional resource for the latest updates and detailed information about the recall.

Long-Term Recall Considerations

The ice bags in question have a best-before date of November 2025, which suggests that this product recall notice is likely to remain in place for a prolonged period. As the situation develops, both Frozen Options Pty Ltd and FSANZ continue to monitor the recall's progress and the public's response, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard consumer health and maintain trust in the food supply chain.

The Importance of Food Safety Procedures

This contamination incident serves as a reminder of the critical importance of stringent food safety measures, particularly when handling products that are to be widely distributed and consumed.

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