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Crucial quality control in commercial restaurants

April 7, 2016

If you run a commercial restaurant you’ll know how crucial it is to make the right first impression. If a customers first dining experience is bad, then they’re unlikely to come back or recommend your establishment to other people. For this reason – as well as many others – it is essential to manage and maintain good quality control.

Train your staff

The first way to start improving your quality control is to ensure that your staff are properly trained with the best certifications in safe food handling practices. Providing a quality restaurant experience for your customers means making sure that the entire dining experience is enjoyable, so make sure that safety procedures extend from your chefs to your waiters and even your cashiers!

Employ mystery diners

Many large companies, not just food businesses, employ people to come in and go through the customer experience, so they can provide the owners with honest and impartial feedback. This is often best carried out at a time where the business owners aren’t on the premises, in order to gain more accurate information. This data can provide invaluable information on how your customers are experiencing your business, so you know which areas might need improvement.

Don’t become complacent

While it’s great if a business is doing well, there’s always room for improvement. By constantly evaluating what you’re doing, you can find out how to replicate areas that are working well, but also, how to fix the areas that aren’t.

Be consistent

Once you have made a great first impression, it’s just as important to make sure you keep that impression alive and consistent throughout the life of your restaurant. If your staff practices or portion sizes suddenly change from one day to the next, your customers may lose faith in your ability to continue providing a high-quality experience. You should remain consistent and ensure that everyone within your business follows the same tried and tested rules for success.