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Food Safety Supervisor Course

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Food Safety Supervisor Course in Perth

January 13, 2024

Perth offers a rich culinary experience with a variety of fresh produce, excellent wines, and numerous restaurants. From exclusive European cuisine in Victoria Park, to budget-friendly meals in Northbridge’s Chinatown district, the city really does cater for everyone.

While Perth’s food establishments are diverse in nature, they all have the same responsibility to prepare and serve food in a safe manner. This is where Food Safety Supervisor training comes into the equation.

With the introduction of Standard 3.2.2A, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) now requires food establishments to appoint at least one certified Food Safety Supervisor. This necessitates participation in a government approved Food Safety Supervisor course.

In this blog, we will provide an overview of the Food Safety Supervisor course, summarising course content, legislative requirements, and more.

Food Safety Laws and Regulations in Perth

Food businesses in the city of Perth are governed by federal and state food safety legislation. At a federal level this involves adhering to FSANZ Food Standards Code. State regulations are set out by the WA Food Act 2008.

What is the Food Standards Code?

The FSANZ Food Standards Code lays down the national standard for food safety in Australia. It comprises of four sections:

  • Introduction and standards that apply to all food
  • Food safety standards
  • Primary production standards
  • Food Standards Code Governance

Throughout Australia, The Food Standards Code is governed by the relevant state or territory department. In Western Australia, this is WA Health.

What Is the New Food Safety Standard 3.2 2A in Perth?

FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A is the new part of the Food Standards Code that requires a food safety management system to be adopted by businesses involved in the food preparation and service in Australia. There are three key elements covered by the legislation:

This legislation isn’t exclusive to Perth; businesses in other cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide are also subject to the same regulations.

What Is the Food Safety Law in Western Australia?

At a state level, it’s the responsibility of WA Health to impose food safety regulations in accordance with the Food Act 2008 (WA). The state also mandates food business registration and maintains a Food Offenders List.

What is the WA Food Act 2008?

This Food Act 2008 (WA) stipulates that all food sold in Western Australia should be safe for human consumption in accordance with the Food Standards Code.

Food Offenders List

WA Health posts a Food Offenders List online to keep the public informed regarding food safety violations. This list includes details of all food businesses and individuals that have been convicted of an offence under the Food Act 2008. This information remains on the WA Health website for up to two years.

Food Business Registration

In the state of Western Australia, it’s an offence to operate a food business unless it's registered with the appropriate enforcement agency. Food business registration is not only required for bricks-and-mortar establishments, it’s also a requirement for market stalls, food trucks and other mobile food businesses.

Do You Need a Licence to Sell Food in Perth?

All food businesses in Perth must register with the City of Perth before opening new premises in the area. To obtain approval, these premises must meet the required standards in terms of food safety and maintenance.

What Are the Consequences of Failure to Observe Food Safety Laws in Perth?

Businesses that don’t comply fully with food safety legislation could experience the following repercussions:

1. Financial Penalties

Fines imposed on each individual infringement can cost offenders tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Forced Closures

Temporary closure orders can be put in place until food safety issues are resolved by the business in question.

3. Legal Action

WA Health may take food businesses to court depending on the severity of their food safety violations.

4. Offenders List

WA Health operates a ‘name and shame’ list designed to deter offenders and help the public make informed choices when purchasing food.

5. Reputational Damage

Food businesses that breach food safety regulations could face a public backlash, especially if their transgressions are the subject of media coverage.

Is Food Safety Supervisor Training a Legal Requirement?

On December 8 2023, FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A will come into effect at a federal level. This law states that all food serving establishments must have at least one designated Food Safety Supervisor on staff at all times. This individual must be certified through the completion of a nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor course.

Who Is the Food Safety Supervisor Course For?

The Food Safety Supervisor course is designed for individuals who have the authority to supervise and direct food handling operations within the workplace. In most cases, this is the business owner, manager or head chef.

The objective of the Food Safety Supervisor course is to train an individual to the levels required in order for them to carry out the following duties:

  • Monitoring of food safety procedures
  • Training and supervising food handling staff
  • Developing and implementing a Food Safety Plan based on HACCP principles.
  • Maintaining accurate records in relation to food safety policies and procedures
  • Taking corrective actions to overcome food safety issues
  • Ensuring compliance with food safety legislation

9 Things the Food Supervisor Course Will Teach You

The Food Safety Supervisor course features a wide variety of content with the common purpose of ensuring you have the knowledge and skills required to supervise others and uphold food safety standards within your workplace. Here are nine important topics that are included in the course:

  1. Cleaning & Sanitising
  2. Hand Washing
  3. Time & Temperature Control
  4. Allergen Management
  5. Food Contamination & High-Risk Groups
  6. Biological Contamination
  7. Maintaining Food Premises
  8. Personal Hygiene & Workplace Behaviour
  9. Food Safety Laws & Responsibilities

What Are the Required Units of Competency for Food Safety Supervisors in Perth?

WA Health only recognises the units of competency for Retail, Hospitality and Health & Community. After registering for the Food Safety Supervisor course individuals should choose the business sector that is most applicable to their specific workplace.


There is one unit of competency for Retail:

  • SIRRFSA001 (Handle food safely in a retail environment): Requirements for cleaning and sanitising, safe food handling and storage.


There are two units of competency for Hospitality:

  • SITXFSA005 (Use hygienic practices for food safety): Fundamental food safety procedures, such as safe food handling, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitising.
  • SITXFSA006 (Participate in safe food handling practices): Practical aspects of safe food handling, such as food storage, temperature control and contamination prevention.

Health & Community

There are three units of competency for Health & Community:

  • HLTFSE001 (Follow basic food safety practices): Expertise relating to the implementation of food safety measures, including personal hygiene standards, cleaning and sanitising procedures, and appropriate food disposal methods.
  • HLTFSE005 (Apply and monitor food safety requirements): Basic principles of food safety, including safe food handling and personal hygiene practices.
  • HLTFSE007 (Oversee the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace): Techniques to support the effective implementation and monitoring of food safety procedures.

Is Food Safety Supervisor Training Available In Perth?

Food Safety First offers online training that can be completed from any location. No in-person learning is required and students have 24/7 access to course materials via an online portal.

6 Steps to Becoming Food Safety Supervisor in Perth

The FSF Food Safety Supervisor course is easy to navigate from start to finish, all you need to do is follow six straightforward steps:

1. Head to the Food Safety First Website

Browse the available courses and learning materials.

2. Select a Course

Find an industry-specific course that matches your business type.

3. Enrol

Register and pay online or over the phone (1300 856 836)

4. Complete Your Training

Work your way through each of the 19 interactive lessons.

5. Pass Your Assessment 

You must complete several quizzes, a reading exercise and an Observer Report to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge.

6. Achieve Certification 

You will obtain a Statement of Attainment as proof of your certification.

Does the Food Safety Supervisor Course Take Long to Complete?

The Food Safety Supervisor course can be completed online in as little as eight hours. However, students are granted access to course content for up to 12 months so that they can complete it at their own pace.

When Will My Food Safety Supervisor Certification Expire?

The Statement of Attainment you receive upon completion of the course is valid for five years. Once those five years have passed, you will be required to undergo Food Safety Supervisor training again.

5 Reasons Why Food Safety First Training Is the Right Choice for You

There are many ways in which Food Safety First can benefit food businesses and their employees. Here are some prime examples:

1. Budget-Friendly Courses

Food Safety First prides itself on being an affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses all over Australia. Discounted rates are available on all courses with no hidden fees or compromises.

2. Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Food Safety First is a government approved provider of food safety training.

3. Legal Compliance

Food Safety First training programs meet the requirements of FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A and associated state legislation.

4. Online Access

All course content is hosted online and can be accessed 24 hours a day via a user-friendly student portal, allowing participants to complete their training at a time and place that suits them.

5. Industry-Specific Courses

Food Safety First training programs are available for businesses operating in Transport & Distribution, Hospitality, Health & Community, Retail and Food Processing.

Not located in Perth?

Discover how food safety regulations differ across Australia by checking out some of Food Safety First’s city-specific blogs.

Are You Ready to Become a Food Safety Supervisor?

Now that you are clued up on the specifics of the Food Safety Supervisor course in Perth, you can take the next step on your journey towards certification. 

For more information regarding enrolment, get in touch with the Food Safety First team today.

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