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Food Safety Supervisor Course

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Food Safety Supervisor Course in Sydney

December 16, 2022

Sydney is home to more than 19,000 food establishments, and they all have one thing in common – they are all legally required to have a certified Food Safety Supervisor present during business hours. This emphasises the importance of Food Safety Supervisor training.

Food Safety First offers a specialised Food Safety Supervisor course in Sydney to help you meet the food safety standards required by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the New South Wales Food Authority.

This comprehensive guide will explore what Food Safety Supervisors in Sydney can expect from the Food Safety Supervisor course and outline the benefits of Food Safety Supervisor certification. Let’s start by explaining what it is, what it covers, and why it is so important.

Who Enforces Food Safety Laws and Regulations in Sydney?

Sydney is governed by the NSW Food Authority. This means food business in the city must follow the food safety guidelines established through the Food Act 2003 (NSW) and the Food Regulation 2015 (NSW).

Alongside NSW Health, the NSW Food Authority monitors and enforces food safety regulations across the entire state to ensure the food produced and sold in NSW meets all of the requirements set by federal and state legislation. 

Does FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A Apply to Businesses In Sydney?

FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A is a federal regulation that applies to all Sydney-based businesses engaged in food preparation, service or distribution. The standard is designed to enhance food safety protocols through Food Handler training, record management and food safety supervision. One of the most significant aspects of Standard 3.2.2A is the mandatory appointment of a qualified Food Safety Supervisor.

On December 8 2023, the NSW Food Authority began enforcement of this legislation for the majority of food establishments in the state. However, recent legislative amendments mean that this deadline has been extended for the following business types:

  • School canteens
  • Children’s services
  • Supermarkets
  • Greengrocers
  • Delis

These businesses will have an additional 12 months to comply with Standard 3.2.2A, giving them until December 2024 to put the relevant food safety procedures in place.

How Does the NSW Food Authority Enforce Food Safety Laws and Regulations in Sydney?

The NSW Food Authority manages food safety compliance through the following activities:

Why Is It Important to Enrol Into the Food Safety Supervisor Course?

Food safety is not something to be taken lightly. Failing to maintain food safety standards can lead to severe repercussions such as food-borne illnesses, legal action and reputational damage.

By completing the Food Safety Supervisor course, you’ll be doing your bit to keep your customers safe and your food business compliant with FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A.

Who Should Take the Food Safety Supervisor Course?

The Food Safety Supervisor course is ideal for anyone engaged in the preparation, handling, or service of food in a commercial setting. This includes restaurant owners, managers, chefs, catering staff, food truck operators and event organisers.

FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A states that all Australian businesses that serve food must have one or more certified Food Safety Supervisors on duty. A Food Safety Supervisor is a qualified individual who is responsible for training and supervision of food safety in a business. Food Safety Supervisors are primarily responsible for:

  • Monitoring food safety procedures on a day-to-day basis.
  • Training and supervising staff in safe food handling.
  • Ensuring compliance with food safety laws and regulations.
  • Taking corrective actions to address food safety issues.
  • Maintaining accurate records of food safety practices.
  • Developing and implementing a Food Safety Plan based on HACCP principles.

Food Safety Supervisors must also be available to deal with any internal or external food safety matters that arise. This may involve answering questions from Food Handlers concerning food safety or liaising with local government authorities regarding inspections and food safety breaches.

What Is Covered By the Food Safety Supervisor Course?

The Food Safety Supervisor course in Sydney is a comprehensive program that covers a range of topics to ensure that you are well-prepared to oversee food safety in your establishment.


The Food Safety Supervisor course features 19 interactive lessons:

  1. Food Safety Laws & Responsibilities
  2. Food Contamination & High-Risk Groups
  3. Biological Contamination
  4. Other Types of Contamination
  5. Lesson 5A - Food Allergies
    Lesson 5B - Food Allergen Compliance & Management
  6. Cleaning & Sanitising
  7. Maintaining Food Premises
  8. Hand Washing
  9. Personal Hygiene & Workplace Behaviour
  10. Illness & Onsite Injuries
  11. Time & Temperature Control
  12. Receiving & Storing Food
  13. Working with Food Safely
  14. Serving Food Safely
  15. Food Safety Programs
  16. Identifying Food Safety Hazards
  17. Monitoring, Controlling & Correcting Food Safety Hazards
  18. Reporting, Investigating & Recording Food Safety Breaches
  19. Food Safety Management

Which Units of Competency Are Required in Sydney?

To achieve accreditation in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales, Food Safety Supervisors must complete the units of competency for either Hospitality or Retail, depending on the sector they operate in.


The Food Safety Supervisor course for Hospitality includes the following units of competency:

SITXFSA005 (Use hygienic practices for food safety)
Basic food safety practices – e.g. personal hygiene, safe food handling, maintaining clean and hygienic food preparation areas, etc.

SITXFSA006 (Participate in safe food handling practices)
Practical elements of safe food handling – e.g. food storage, contamination prevention, temperature control, etc.


The Food Safety Supervisor course for Retail is built around one fundamental unit of competency: 

SIRRFSA001 (Handle food safely in a retail environment)
Requirements for cleaning and sanitising, safe food storage and hygienic food handling.

The units mentioned above are the only ones accepted by the NSW Food Authority. Even if you operate in another sector, your training must include SITXFSA005 and SITXFSA006 (Hospitality) or SIRRFSA001 (Retail).

How Do I Become a Food Safety Supervisor in Sydney?

To become a certified Food Safety Supervisor in Sydney, all you need to do is complete the FSF Food Safety Supervisor course. There are six simple steps to follow:

1. Visit the Food Safety First Website

Food Safety First is a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) that is authorised to provide Food Safety Supervisor training for all food sectors throughout Australia.

2. Enrol

All you need to do is supply some basic details (like your name and address) and your credit/debit card information. If you would prefer to complete your registration over the phone, you can call Food Safety First on 1300 856 836 to get started. 

3. Choose a Course

Once you’re enrolled, there are different course options available depending on the sector you operate in. For Sydney and the rest of New South Wales, there are two choices (Hospitality or Retail). Even if you work in a different sector, such as Health & Community, you will need to select a Hospitality or Retail course.

4. Complete the Training

Once enrolled, you'll have access to all the course materials. The Food Safety Supervisor course is entirely online and you can progress at your own pace. Students typically finish the course within eight hours.

5. Complete the Assessment

After you finish the training exercises, you'll need to pass an assessment to demonstrate your understanding of the material.

6. Achieve Certification 

Upon successfully passing the assessment, you'll receive a Food Safety Supervisor certificate, which is a requirement for all food businesses in Sydney. This certificate is issued by Food Safety First on behalf of the NSW Food Authority.

What Are the Technical Requirements for the Food Safety Supervisor Course?

As well as a computer, laptop, or tablet device, you’ll need the following to get started:

1. Modern Web Browser

Food Safety First uses some of the latest eLearning technologies to deliver the Food Safety Supervisor course. A modern web browser is required to view and complete each element of the course. It’s also recommended that students enable Javascript on their device to maximise usability.

2. Email Address

During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your email address. This will enable you to access Food Safety First training systems.

3. Adobe PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat

Some of the forms that you need to complete (such as the Observer Report) are in PDF format. If you don’t already have it installed, please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How Long Does the Food Safety Supervisor Course Take?

The Food Safety Supervisor course has been designed in a way that allows you to complete activities at your own pace (course access is available for 12 months). Students typically complete the online elements of the course within eight hours.

How Long Does a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate Last in Sydney?

Upon successfully completing the Food Safety Supervisor course, you will receive a certificate awarded by the NSW Food Authority. This certification is valid for five years – to maintain your status as a Food Safety Supervisor, you will need to undertake a refresher course before the certificate expires.

How Do I Renew My Food Safety Supervisor Certificate in Sydney?

To renew your Food Safety Supervisor certificate, you must complete a refresher course from a Registered Training Organisation accredited by the NSW Food Authority. The refresher course is designed to keep you informed about any updates or changes in food safety laws and practices.

Food Safety First is approved to deliver Food Safety Supervisor training and NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificates on behalf of the NSW Food Authority. When your NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate is due to expire, you have 90 days to complete your recertification

Upon expiry, food businesses have 30 working days to ensure their appointed Food Safety Supervisor renews their training and obtains a new Food Safety Supervisor certification. There are serious penalties for those that do not comply with these requirements.

Where Does Food Safety Supervisor Training Take Place In Sydney?

After registering with Food Safety First, students in Sydney will receive 24/7 access to the Food Safety Supervisor course content via an online portal. All lessons, quizzes and assessment activities are interactive and easy to navigate.

With the exception of the Observer Report, no practical assessment is required. All other elements of the course can be completed online from anywhere in Australia.

Not located in Sydney? The Food Safety First website has a selection of helpful blogs that discuss the ins and outs of Food Safety Supervisor training in other major cities throughout Australia including, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Why Should I Choose Food Safety First for My Training?

Food Safety First takes the hassle away from food safety compliance by providing discounted training programs that are easy to navigate. Sign up today and take advantage of the following:

1. Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Food Safety First is a nationally recognised provider of Food Safety Supervisor training.

2. State Approved Training Courses

Food Safety First meets the specific training requirements of the NSW Food Authority (students are issued with a NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate upon completion).

3. Legal Compliance

Food Safety First training ensures compliance with FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A and the relevant state legislation.

4. Affordable Training

Food Safety First offers discounted training programs with no hidden fees.

5. Online Access

No classroom learning is required and 24/7 access to online course materials means you can complete training at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

6. Industry-Specific Courses

Food Safety First offers courses that are designed specifically for your industry (Retail, Hospitality, Health & Community, Transport & Distribution or Food Processing).

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Food Safety Supervisor

Now that you've learned all about the Food Safety Supervisor course in Sydney, it's time to take action. Ensure the safety of your customers and the compliance of your food business by enrolling with Food Safety First today!

Want to learn more before your register? Contact us and discover all the benefits of Food Safety Supervisor training.

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